Weight Loss Clermont  Testimony by Cathy McEachern

“I started working at Doctor’s Weight Control in August of 2003. At that time I wore a size 16/18 dress size. I had come to the realization that I would be a size 16/18 for the rest of my life. I even gave away all of my smaller sized clothes because seeing them in my closet was too depressing.

After working here for about a month, I thought why not try it? I admit I was very skeptical because I had tried everything. Within the first 2 months I had lost 20 pounds! By March 1st I had lost over 60 pounds and was wearing a size 8, and now I am a size 6.

Not only did I lose weight, I also lost many of my medical problems. No more heart burn after 2 months on the program. I also started sleeping better and my low back problems disappeared. I am not tired all of the time and have more energy than I have ever had before.

My husband and family are proud of me and I am proud of myself! It is a great feeling to have people that you have not seen for a while drop their mouths open when they see me or they don’t recognize me at all! Thank you Dr. Bartemus for starting this program for us!”


Weight Loss Orlando  Testimony by Edward

“I began Doctor’s Weight Control on February 20, 2006. In just a little of 6 months I have lost 69 lbs. The program was easy to follow and I feel so much better. I had tried other products with no success. With this program, you are able to eat real food, you have the energy to do more and your health improves so much. The lifestyle changes I have made should stick with me for the rest of my life. Thanks Doctor’s Weight Control for helping me achieve my goals!”




Weight Loss  Testimony by Holly

“Being an insulin dependent diabetic all of my life, I really have to watch my weight and lifestyle. After five years of marriage, I had gained about 25lbs. My doctor told me that my blood sugar levels were unacceptable. I started on the program and it showed me how to make lifestyle changes that were realistic for me to achieve.

The 25lbs are gone! My blood sugar levels are in better control and my doctor is really happy and is proud of the changes I have made. The program is so easy to follow and in my opinion, this is the way your body should lose the weight, safe and healthy!”



Weight Loss  Testimony by Sally

“In June of 2005, a good friend and co worker mentioned to me that he and his wife had started a weight loss program at the Doctor’s Weight Control Center in Clermont not to far from my house. I listened and asked a few questions and thought to myself that sounds like a great program. Sometime it is something like that conversation that got me thinking about trying this program. I called, made an appointment and I made one of the biggest commitments of my life. I am the type of person that if I say I am going to do something I am going to stick to it. I joined in July 2005. My goal was to loose 95 pounds. When you think about that, you have to think about it one pound at a time. The number 95 is so overwhelming that I could never look at it like that. Each time I hit another 10 pounds I would do something special for myself.

This program is a complete change of lifestyle for myself, as well as my husband Howard. We walk together just about every night 2 -4 miles. Where we live in Clermont is very hilly and believe me in the beginning I thought I would never get back up those hills but we kept going. We don’t let the heat stop us, or the cold in the colder months. It is a commitment to us to be healthy for each other.

I feel so much better about myself and my doctors are amazed. My blood pressure has gone from sky high to low. I may be 62 years old but I can run circles around my co-workers who are years younger than me. I did this for all the right reasons and so grateful that my co-worker planted the seed for me.
The plan is relatively simple if you can read a label on a package to see what you are eating. You have to look long-term not short term as this is forever. I was wearing a size 24 when I started and now I am starting to buy size 12. That is such motivation in itself.

Please, do yourself a favor and try this program but be sure you put your whole heart and soul into it because the results are amazing when you make the commitment to yourself. You must do it for you not anyone else. I was so fortunate to have my special someone want to eat and exercise right along with me every day.
The staff here, are wonderful and so supportive thru the program. Give it a try I did and one year later I am a new person.”


Judy Bennett

Doctor’s Weight Control is a wonderfully easy Weight Loss Program, it is easy to follow and they teach you very healthy eating habits. They are there for you every step of the way. I loved the Lipo injections because they really helped me feel better and gave me so much energy. It is the only Weight Loss Program I’ve ever used.All the Ladies that work there cheer you on as you go, they are your personal support team! You can do the program with an appetite suppressant or just the all  natural program, they both work great! When you are finished you have been taught how to eat healthy for life and the eating habits you’ve learned, anybody can use and follow!


Hunter side by sideHunter Figueroa – Weight Loss Testimonial

My “chubbiness” began at the age of two.  I liked all the normal foods other kids liked; however, I never maintained a “normal” weight.  Each time I got on a scale, I was heavier than the last time.  Trying to diet and not see any significant results was more discouraging than just being heavy.

On April 29, 2013, I went to Doctor’s Weight Control.  With the help of     Dr. Bob, and the encouragement of Amy and the other staff, I began to lose a few pounds.  I gave up all processed foods, and began eating lean meats and more vegetables.   I did begin a little exercise like walking and moving around to music in the garage.  Six months into it, I joined a gym.  I ran my first 5K.  I have begun my first High school sport by joining the Tennis Team.  With Doctor’s Weight Control I have maintained a good deal of energy that I didn’t have before.

On February 12, 2014, (9 ½ months) I reached my initial goal of losing 100 pounds.  My stats are just as impressive.  I went from 49.7% body fat to 18.2% body fat during this time.  I have lost 114 lbs of fat and gained 36 lbs of muscle.  I have gone from a 2X shirts size to Medium/Large size.  My pants size has decreased by two sizes also!  I even fit into my shoes better!

Thank you Doctor’s Weight Control for your program and encouragement!!


Chrissy Before and AfterChristina Bell:

Being a stay at home Mom, I enjoyed spending  time with my kids, however, the access to food  was 24/7.  I knew my weight was getting out of control so I called Doctor’s Weight Control.  In 2003, I began a whole lifestyle change, I lost 40 pounds and ended up working here because it works!  In  2006, I had another child and gained some weight.  The weight I gained was no problem as I knew where to go to lose it!  Since 2006,  I have managed to keep the weight off and weigh what I did in High School.  Thank you Dr. Bartemus and Doctor’s Weight Control for teaching me how to maintain my weight.