What Can You Do?

– First & Foremost, choose a lifestyle that combines sensible eating with regular physical activity”.
– The payoff for weight loss is monumental!
– Making the effort to reach a healthy weight is worth it.
– it is the key to a long A healthy life.

How To Use BMI to Calculate Your Body Weight

– Body Mass Index (BMI) evaluates your weight in relation to your height.
– Typically, the further your BMI is above the healthy range, the higher your risk for health problems because of your weight.
– Your BMI is a guide to help you assess your weight, but it is not the complete answer as to whether you are at a healthy weight.
– For example- Even if you have a BMI in the range of 18.5 – 24, which is considered healthy, you may still not be at your most healthy weight.
– WHY? Because you could have a large percent of body fat and only a little muscle.
– On the other hand, a BMI above the healthy range may be fine for some people if they have a lot of muscle and relatively low percent of body fat.
– This is why we recommend checking each client’s BMI & Body Fat percent by utilizing a Body Fat Analyzer. This can help us determine where a person’s starting point is, and at what weight would be a healthy weight, & thus a healthy percent of body fat for a particular person.


Healthy Weight – BMI of 18.5-24.
Overweight – BMI of 25-30.
Obese – BMI of 30 & higher.

Keys To Help You Achieve Your Goals

– Determine how many calories you need.
Our body fat analyzer can help you determine what that value is, or you can get a rough estimate by using the following equation: Women between the ages of 30 and 60 can divide their weight by 2.2, multiply this number by 8.7 and add 829. This final number is an estimate of the maximum number of calories you should eat in I day if you are working out and trying to lower your body fat percent.

What Should I Eat?

Diet recommendations vary.
A basic rule of thumb is 50% f total calories should be from carbohydrates, 25% from fat, 25% from protein.
Generally we recommend diets in the 1000 – 1400 calorie/day range.
An example would be:
-Breakfast – I bowl of Raison Brand with 1% milk, with 1/2 a grapefruit.
-Lunch – Turkey Sandwich with low fat cheese, lettuce & tomato and a banana.
-Snack – I apple 7 reduced fat wheat crackers or a protein snack bar.
-Dinner – Stir fry with tofu, broccoli, carrots with I cup of brown rice.

What Is An Approiate Workout For Weight Loss?

– Some weight loss experts have recommended walking 2 miles above what is normally walked throughout the day 7 days/week. – Generally, the pace should start slow in the beginning and work up to eventually covering a 1 mile distance in 15 minutes. – We generally recommend the client shoot for an optimal distance of 3 miles over 45 minutes, 5 days/week.
– This is a good pace to burn calories & to increase aerobic conditioning. This should be done in the morning or evening when the sun is not at it’s hottest.
-Always remember to stretch before and give yourself time to cool down afterward.

How Can I Increas My Muscle Mass and Tone?

– Lifting weights can be recommended in a program of 8 – 10 different exercises with 3 sets of 8 -12 repetitions for each exercise.

How Our Program Works for You

– Our Program strives to encourage clients to consider weight management as a lifestyle change & an approach that utilizes multiple factors to help achieve a healthier body weight.
– We encourage an ongoing approach of no more than 2-2 1/2 lbs./week of weight loss, depending on a persons starting point & goals.
– Always keep in mind that by increasing the total percent of muscle mass to total body weight, a person will be increasing his/her basil metabolic rate & thus burn more calories in everyday normal activities, and is thus more likely to maintain their optimal weight.
– Prescription Appetite Suppressants can be used to decrease the appetite successfully and to increase the metabolism, thus helping to burn calories. Our Program uses several different prescription Appetite Suppressants either alone or in combination, dependent on each particular clients needs.


Although weight loss is not easy, it can be done, and the rewards will be many!