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About Our Practice

Since 2002 Doctor’s Weight Control has been helping patients reach their weight loss goals through our individually tailored weight loss programs. The results speak for themselves. Our performance demonstrates the effectiveness of how a compassionate team of professionals, teamed with a proven program can reach goals, change lives and make dreams of a healthier you a reality! Our program is more than just a diet, it’s a platform for lasting health.
Weight loss is challenging but we are here to help! Our enthusiasm for your success and our empathetic team will support, encourage and mentor you every step of the way.

Our Services

At Doctor’s Weight Control, we offer a comprehensive program for our patients. On the initial visit with us, you will spend time discussing the program as well as your medical history. We will go over any questions with you during your initial exam, you will receive a complete body fat analysis. The main emphasis of our program is positive lifestyle changes. If you follow our program by eating a low-fat diet, exercising as suggested and drinking plenty of water, you will see positive results.!  Our natural products, Lipo-vite injections and prescription appetite suppressants will help you achieve your goals by increasing your metabolism, providing natural energy and helping you lose inches.

Once you achieve your weight loss goal, we have tailored maintenance programs available to help you maintain your weight. We want to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle for many years to come!


Our Rx program has full strength appetite suppressants to assist in the difficult phase of initial weight loss.


Our program is not just a diet! We provide education and counseling on dietary intake in a format that helps you lose weight in a way that you can maintain long-term!


Exercise is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle. We help you select an effective exercise routine that you will enjoy!

Our Goal is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to your Health and Wellness!

Your Success is Our Mission

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